Hunter From Bad Batch Gets New Star Wars Vintage Collection Figure, Check It Out Here

It’s Hasbro Pulse Con weekend, and there were plenty of reveals from the various IPs the toy giant works with. One of the reveals was a new figure in the Star Wars Vintage Collection: Hunter from Star Wars The Bad Batch.

The figure doesn’t have a release date as of this writing, but the 3.75-inch toy is modeled after Hunter’s appearance on the Disney+ series. GameSpot has a closer look at the figure and the packaging as well. It wouldn’t be a Vintage Collection figure without that classic Kenner-inspired box art, wouldn’t it? Check out images from the upcoming collectible below.

With multiple points of articulation, Hunter comes with his blaster and his helmet as well. Pricing has not been revealed, but if you look at other single figures in the Vintage Collection series, they’re all priced $15-$17 each, so you can expect Hunter to cost around that.

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