Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Endgame – What To Do After You Beat The Story

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet changed the Pokemon formula, offering an open world that you were free to explore. While the main story threads offer more than just the traditional journey to becoming champion of the region, the endgame offerings are similar to most other games in the series. You have the opportunity to complete the Pokedex, as well as some other activities. Here’s everything you can do after beating the main story in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Compete in the Academy Ace tournament

The biggest post-game activity is the Academy Ace tournament, which has your fellow students, along with some of the faculty members, battle it out in a tournament. Before you can compete in this tournament however, you must complete an “inspection” of the eight gyms in the Paldea region. This consists of returning to each gym to face off against its leader again, except this time they are rocking high-level Pokemon. You will be facing off level 65+ Pokemon and each gym leader will have at least five Pokemon in their team.

Completing all eight gyms will unlock the Academy Ace tournament. The tournament consists of four rounds, which you will need to win consecutively in order to win the tournament, although your Pokemon are automatically healed in between fights. Your opponents in these fights will have level 65+ Pokemon and either five or six Pokemon at their disposal. This tournament is replayable, allowing you to battle to your heart’s content.

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