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The Hive Mind beckons…

Take command of the once almighty Queen of Blades, Sarah Kerrigan in StarCraft II’s first Expansion Pack. Heart of the Swarm, sequel to Wings of Liberty. Crestfallen, Sarah has been stripped of her power as the Xel’Naga artifact returns her to her human vessel, leaving the remaining Zerg swarm strewn throughout the Koprulu sector. Several broods wait patiently to be unified by their former queen and restored to their glorious prowess for battle. Make your escape to the outer reaches of space before the slaughtering Terran Dominion advance, reclaim your honorable title and usher in a new era where you belong, at the heart of the swarm.

Fueled by an insatiable thirst for vengeance or enlightened by truth and seeking a higher path? Sarah Kerrigan’s endeavors will lead her to inevitable adventures of epic proportions and visceral battles on the grandest of scales.

  • Devastating new weapons: Three playable races, each with their own unique units capable of further mutation. Featuring Hellbats, The Widow Mine, Swarm Hosts & Locusts, Vipers, Oracles, Tempest and the Mothership Core – all prepped and ready for battle.
  • Savage Singleplayer: Mutate until you can regain your former powers, evolve your Zerg swarm for even greater abilities to maximize your carnage. More Power, means more Zergs. No survivors: Go on the offensive and obliterate everything that stands in your way for a much more brutal campaign.
  • A plethora of possibilities: Take part in StarCraft II’s near-limitless online community with co-op games, endless modding in the arcade and add a new dynamic to multiplayer battles with a fresh set of new units and strategies.